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General Requirements for Graduate Certificate Programs in Business

Students in a Graduate Certificate program must take either MVS 501 The Science of Creative Intelligence (4 credits) or STC 508 Science and Technology of Consciousness (either as STC 508 or as STC 508A,B,C,D).

If STC is taken in parts, students must complete STC 508A before starting their third course (9th credit) of the MBA program, unless they waive this requirement due to prior study.

Forest Academies

Students are enrolled for one Forest Academy each semester, if they are enrolled for at least 4 blocks of classes. Students enrolled one year or less may not miss any Forest Academies. Students enrolled 1 1/2 years or longer may miss one Forest Academy.

Development of Consciousness (DC) Courses

Completion of each semester’s Development of Consciousness course with a grade of P or H. Students are automatically enrolled in DC 520 or DC 535 for each semester they are enrolled.

Instructional Grade Point Average (GPA)

Cumulative instructional GPA of 3.0 or higher.