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Meet our MBA in Sustainable Business Students

The next cohort for an online MBA in Sustainable Business will be admitted in August 2021.

Montreka Dansby

MBA student Montreka Dansby has a background in food and nutritional sciences and biomedical sciences. She received her PhD from North Carolina State University and her research focused on the biological and anti-cancer properties of dietary phytochemicals.

She completed the Fellowships in Research and Science Teaching (FIRST) postdoctoral program in the Department of Physiology at Emory University School of Medicine and in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.

Montreka learned about the Transcendental Meditation® program and Fairfield from watching an Oprah special in 2012. She was so impressed by what she saw that she wanted to visit. After signing up for a women’s conference at The Raj Maharishi Ayurveda Health Spa, she spent a week learning the TM® technique, touring campus, and meeting people. She had such a wonderful experience she considered attending MIU but, due to work obligations, she could not. In 2017, however, she learned about the online MBA program and applied.

Montreka is currently program manager for surgical education at Morehouse School of Medicine, providing support for surgery residents and medical students as well as compliance and accreditation. Montreka’s job involves administration, education, and communication, and she is striving to exemplify good leadership.

“The information I have learned in my MBA classes has helped me significantly in decision-making and preventing and solving conflicts,” said Montreka. “I like to focus on respect, forgiveness, humility, and love. I grew up with those values and MIU has added structure to that foundation.”

Dr. Chad Hays

When Chad Hays enrolled in MIU’s online Sustainable MBA program in August 2020, he already had three graduate degrees. He obtained his MD and master’s in public health degrees simultaneously at the University of Illinois while taking a two-year break to also get a law degree at the same school.
After he graduates, he plans to combine the knowledge he gains at MIU with his existing skillset and experience to create a new venture. He envisions introducing sustainability into his practice, consulting locally and globally, and supporting communities by promoting the practice of the TM program.
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Natalia Fernandez

Deciding to apply for MIU was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. I have felt incredibly fulfilled in my educational journey through the classes I’ve taken, the professors I’ve cultivated meaningful relationships with, and through my practice of Transcendental Meditation. I love to learn, and I’m incredibly happy with the opportunities at MIU to not only learn but to grow and progress!

Meagan Anderson

In 2018, Meagen and her family were living in Boise, Idaho and came across a Transcendental Meditation introductory talk, which was led by bestselling author Jack Forem and Idaho TM teacher Taoline Oaas. Moving to Michigan in 2019, Meagen and Taoline still enjoy monthly checking sessions and discussing the benefits and process of TM. Meagen’s professional portfolio includes commercial roles for The Boston Beer Company and the revered New Zealand based hop co-operative, NZ Hops Ltd. Always seeking growth, in 2020 she committed to an alcohol-free lifestyle and founded (af)icionados, a company focused on non-alcoholic beer and beverage education. “Joining NZ Hops and continuing to further my education at MIU were manifestations of my highest aspirations in 2020, and during a very tumultuous year filled with uncertainty, my TM practice supported me and things are now unfolding in the most amazing way, filling me with gratitude and excitement for the path ahead”, says Meagen. Dedicated to sharing her journey as a part of continued learning she hopes to shed light on becoming more conscious and seeking fulfillment in all we do, resulting in our ability to become a “net exporter of happiness” in this life.

Meagen currently resides in Kalamazoo, MI with her husband Robb, two children Escher and Daphne, and schnauzer-mix named Oskar. Other hobbies include yoga, running outdoors, and cross country camping with her family (both Meagen and her husband have been in all 50 states!).