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Members of the new Sustainable Living Business Club are currently raising startup funds for a venture that will grow and sell lion’s mane mushrooms, which are edible and are said to be good for one’s health.

“Lion’s mane is a kind of mushroom that has lots of medicinal properties and is really good for a person’s brain, heart, and gut health,” said Dominique Ragland, club vice president. “These three body parts are known as the ‘three brains of the body.’ They each have cells that send messages to other areas of the body, helping to regulate and control a person’s homeostasis. Lion’s mane helps to protect and rejuvenate these cells.”

The students plan to provide Fairfield with an organic superfood and have begun to raise the necessary startup funds for their project. These funds will be used to purchase the materials for the growing process as well as help them rent an 8 by 10-foot room, which they expect would accommodate a 100-pound harvest. With a fundraising goal of $3,000 to successfully fund the startup in an efficient, economical, and sustainable way, the club had raised approximately 10% of the startup cost by the beginning of November. They welcome donations of any size, but a donation of at least $20 will confer membership, a sample of the first harvest, and 10% off future orders, said club president Kelly Kretschmar.

The club has launched a GoFundMe campaign at

The club’s Facebook group is at

Written by Christopher F. Darden for The Review Vol. 34, #5.