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Megann Kamerman, aikido club president.

After recently passing the fifth level of testing at a seminar in Missouri, MIU Aikido Club president Megann Kammerman and master’s student Mahmood Ali are making significant progress toward achieving a black belt.

In early November they passed the 2nd Kyu test during a seminar at the University of Missouri under the scrutiny of nationally acclaimed instructor John Chiarolanzio, a fifth-degree black belt from New York.

This brings them within just one more level before beginning training for a blackbelt test. Ms. Kammerman has been practicing aikido for 2.5 years and Mr. Ali for four years. Aikido is purely a defensive martial art based on blending and harmonizing with one’s practice partner.

A total of seven members of the MIU Aikido Club and its sister organization the Fairfield School of Aikido traveled to the regional seminar at the University of Missouri in Warrensburg, with five of them taking promotional tests.

The chief instructor of the Fairfield School of Aikido, Motier Haskins, a sixth-degree black belt and faculty member at University of Iowa, praised the students.

“All five of our students are relatively new to Aikido, with five years or less of participation,” he said. “This level of testing is quite rigorous, both in proficiency of technique and overall physical conditioning. I was very proud of them to test in front of one of the U.S. Aikido Federation’s senior instructors and several other regional aikido instructors, most of whom have 20–30 years of experience.”

The MIU Aikido Club offers three training sessions a week for students, staff, and faculty. For more information, email