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US Military Veteran Kyle Amsberry was introduced to Transcendental Meditation and its beneficial effects on combat veterans while serving our country. He soon learned about MIU and was drawn to the idea of studying Sustainable Living while also working toward becoming a TM Teacher.

Kyle was not initially aware of the Regenerative Organic Agriculture program and was attracted to the courses, which could fuse together the passions that brought him to MIU.

Kyle recalls, “Entering the program I had no intention or even the idea of one day running my own organic farm. My degree and plans for Teacher Training Course were the driving force that brought me here, but this program’s first course exposed me to business plan writing activities where I expanded on the steps to actually make something bigger happen.”

Kyle worked for weeks on a business plan to open a TM Retreat and Education Center for Veterans that included a working organic farm in Southern California. Kyle explains, “Right now it’s just an idea and a dream, but through the Regenerative Organic Agriculture program, I know I can make it a reality. The networking opportunities and possibilities are endless in this program and at this University.”

Kyle is one of 11 students enrolled in this brand new and cutting-edge agriculture program at MIU. Work is almost completed on a Regenerative Organic Agriculture Center farm building which will be set up as a commercial agriculture preparation facility with classrooms and a meditation spot.

The program focuses intensely on hands-on, practical experience and students are immersed in an environment of personal and professional transformation led by Dr. Appachanda Thimmaiah and his collection of world-renowned, expert faculty.

Kyle shares, “I came into the program with little to no knowledge or experience in farming or agriculture. I can now say, just after a couple months, I’m beginning to understand how important and interconnected soil and agriculture are to everything happening on earth. This program has been a real eye-opener for me. I didn’t know how big of a role agriculture plays in the ability to maintain a sustainable environment.”

MIU offers a variety of degree and certification options to prepare students for an advanced approach to today’s agriculture industry and is the first accredited university to offer a degree program in Regenerative Organic Agriculture. This program’s timely arrival will provide a cornerstone for compassionate caretakers of our precious earth, ushering us into a new age in agriculture just when our planet needs it most.

Chris Vasques is currently working on his BA in Sustainable Living with a focus on Community Building and Psychology. Chris has been a musician for the last 20 years and has developed professional skills in writing, marketing, and design.