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Lauren Webster came to MUM from New Orleans, Louisiana, where she graduated from Xavier University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in sociology. Lauren has always been fascinated by human behavior and wanted to use her psychology training in a business environment, so she decided to earn an MBA.

With mediation mentor Professor Vicki Herriott and team members Nahshon Yisrael and Tal Ron

Lauren heard about the Transcendental Meditation technique from her grandmother, who has practiced TM for many years. Lauren learned the TM technique in 2012, and when she graduated from Xavier in 2014, her grandmother encouraged her to apply to MUM.

“I recommend MUM to any graduate student, because it’s a nice transition from a hectic undergrad program,” said Lauren. “MUM really helps you transition from school to work. You can learn about yourself before you go out into the world and learn how to properly deal with stress. TM helps you to think through things more clearly.”

The relaxed atmosphere at MUM also helped Lauren adopt a healthy daily routine, lose weight, and focus on her studies.

One of the things Lauren really enjoyed at MUM was participating in mediation tournaments. She learned essential communication and mediation skills, which she later used during an internship at an online dispute resolution center.

Lauren graduated this June and is now eager to enter the job market to find her dream profession, where she can help people feel happier in the workplace. “It’s important for me to work for a business which has integrity, ethics, and stands for something,” says Lauren.

Having met many students from China at Xavier University and at MUM, Lauren has learned to appreciate their culture and hopes to work in China some day. She is also interested in pursuing a PhD degree in industrial organizational psychology.