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The Maharishi International University (MIU) College of Business is pleased to announce its latest development, the Concept to Market Institute (CTMI). The CTMI allows students to take business ideas and transform them into viable companies. Individuals are guided through the entire development process, from filling the necessary paperwork to securing investors to having an office space, by a team of seasoned experts in respective business fields.

The Director of the CTMI, Cliff Rose, explains that “the original motivation for the CTMI came from conversations with friends who are tenured university professors. They indicated that entrepreneurship courses were all too common, however, actual concept and idea development programs which help students incubate and develop real world product and service ideas, and then actually take those ideas to market, did not exist.” With thirty years experience in product development, brand development, marketing, sales, and distribution, Cliff acts as the perfect mentor for business-hungry students. 

Undergraduate business student Andrea Zapata says of her experience in the CTMI, “Since I have been in this program, I have developed a business concept that facilitates and accelerates the increase of renewable energy. It has been a journey, and I am looking forward to sharing more about what it takes to create a concept and then launch it into the market place.”

Curious about the CTMI? Email to learn more about how you, too, can take a Concept to Market.