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A forthcoming conference in Hungary on the topic of “Reinventing Europe” has highlighted a paper by faculty Harald Harung and Fred Travis in their widespread promotion of the event.

According to the website, “The Integral European Conference is the prime gathering in Europe for the global integral community to connect, share, and develop a global integral vision together.” It brings together those interested in the integral theory of Ken Wilber.

Dr. Harung will present a paper on “The Secret of World-class Performance,” which describes research he and Dr. Travis have done showing that world-class athletes, managers, and musicians have higher levels of brain integration, psychological development, and consciousness compared to average performers.

The paper explains how the Transcendental Meditation technique develops all three individual performance dimensions plus collective consciousness, which is essential for reinventing Europe.

Jim Karpen is a writer by trade, with a special focus on technology. He has a Ph.D. in English and studied the impact of the computerization of language. In addition to writing for iPhone Life magazine, he has also been writing a column about the Internet for the Iowa Source since 1994. He also edits and publishes the MUM Review.