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Request Info > Apply > Virtual Visit > has praised Transcendental Meditation as an “adaptable, natural, and effective form of meditation” that is “tailor-made” for millennials in a new article on their website

A study published last year by the American Psychological Association showed that millennials are more likely to feel stressed out than previous generations.

Inverse attributes this stress to more than just traditional stressors like money and work, but also to the new stress of what they refer to as “increased optionality.” Inverse explains this phrase in the following way:

“Growing up, we espoused our parents’ encouragement that we could do anything, as opposed to our parents who were advised that working hard would lead to a secure job and happiness. In that way, millennials are more entitled than previous generations. We think we can have more, although we might not necessarily deserve it. The increased ability to choose is one of the greatest privileges we experience as a generation, but it has also proven to be a major source of stress.”

How can Transcendental Meditation help millennials overcome this unique form of stress? Read the article at Inverse to find out.

For a fun, informative look at how Transcendental Meditation changes lives, check out the Buzzfeed video below!