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Harvesting fruit from a saguaro cactus in the Sonoran Desert of her backyard in Tucson

Prior to coming to MIU, Angela Seng worked as manager of an essential oil manufacturing company. She didn’t consider going to college until she became interested in holistic health and sustainability and discovered MIU.

Angela majored in health and physiology and took the Maharishi AyurVeda Wellness Consultant track. She also completed a minor in Sustainable Living and graduated this past December.

To combine her interests in holistic health and sustainability, Angela has been focusing on herbalism and ethnobotany.

She completed an internship with an herbalist in New York, and as her senior project she has compiled a booklet on herbal medicine for women.

In addition to being able to study her favorite subjects at MIU, Angela says she gained a community of friends.

“When you are here with the collective goal of growing and expanding your heart, your relationships go to another level,” she said.

Angela also appreciates the experience of stress-free studying. “Transcendental Meditation has brought me such peace I never realized could exist,” she said.

At the 2016 Sedona Yoga Festival with Herbal farmer and aromatherapist Ylara Khasla

Angela also completed internships at MIU with Dr. Sandy Nidich, helping with data analysis and the publication of research papers on the effect of the TM program on inmates.

This experience sparked her interest in research and the application of it to herbalism. She is currently doing another internship on an herb farm in Mount Shasta, California.

“Angela was one of the top undergraduate students in our program,” said Dr. Sandy Nidich, professor of physiology and health. “She has a very bright future as an herbalist and medical researcher.”

Angela has been accepted into an online master’s program at the American College of Healthcare Sciences in complementary alternative medicine, where she will be concentrating on herbal medicine.

In the future, she hopes to start a center supporting research and education in traditional herbal medicine and plant conservation.