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MIU alumni Miriam Daudi and Amine Kouider sharing their experience of teaching the TM technique (photo by Studio Morales Rivera)

Enlightened Leadership International (ELI) is hosting an international Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course in Bali in September. ELI announced the event last month at a campus event, which 100 young professionals, students, and alumni attended, and another 60 watched via teleconference.

Miriam Daudi, MIU alumna, hosted the event along with other young teachers of the TM technique, including MIU alumna Donielle Freeberg, currently working with the David Lynch Foundation; Amine Kouider, MIU alumnus and MIU faculty member; Mustafa Nuristani, associate marketing director for Enlightened Leadership International’s MIU branch; and MIU student Tal Ron.

“The ELI-hosted TTC has a number of new features that will allow higher participant success and fulfillment,” said Adrienne Schoenfeld, ELI executive director and one of the panelists.

100 people attended the on-campus event about the ELI Bali Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course (photo by Studio Morales Rivera)

Prior to the course, ELI will offer various seminars to applicants, answering questions about the course and the opportunities for becoming a full-time teacher. To foster a smooth transition from the course to the field, ELI is introducing the Apprenticeship Program and the ELI Young Governors Association, both of which will offer continued support to new teachers.

“The ELI TTC is very appealing to me. There seems to be a lot of attention going into every detail of the course, based on feedback from previous TTCs,” said student Andrew Rushing. “The feeling that struck me when I heard about the ELI TTC is the same feeling that I get when I hear about those historic courses Maharishi led personally.”

One of the highlights of the course will be a special visit by Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, who heads Maharishi’s organizations worldwide.

The Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel

“I am excited applying for the first ELI TTC for the next generation, because this course represents a new wave of TM teachers in response to the need of our times,” said student Brandy C. Lee-Jacob. “I feel it is my dharma to give the gift of pure consciousness to others.”

For the five-month in-residence portion of the course, the men will reside at the four-star eco-resort Bagus Agro Pelaga, while the five-star Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel will house the women.

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