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Sheikh-e1443818897209In May 2015, program director Andy Bargerstock presented the award for the most outstanding Accounting Professionals MBA graduate to Abdul Ghani Sheikh. This is not the first time Sheik has received an award while at MIU. In August 2011, he participated on the Baldwin Team, the first team at MIU to place first in the Capsim Foundation Simulation—an online business simulation.


Saadia Sheikh

Sheikh sees his achievements as being a good role model for his four children. “It doesn’t matter how old I am, I came back to school, achieved my goals. If Dad is going to school and achieving, then they are inspired to do it, too.” Sheikh’s daughter, Saadia, graduated with a B.A. degree with honors this Spring soon after Sheikh received his MBA degree. His son enters the NASA high school competition every year–andhis team usually ranks high, too. Sheikh acknowledges the sacrifices his wife and children have made so that he could come to MIU, and stays in contact with them every day on Skype and by phone.

Sheikh searched for a long time for the right master’s program in business before he found the MBA for Accounting Professionals program at MIU. He feels that the block system, taking one subject at a time, is a more effective way to learn, and that having healthy, organic, vegetarian food, also plays a role in the learning process, as well as the TM program. “The professors and staff deserve big credit” Sheikh says, for being helpful, friendly, and “like family.” As 90% of students come from out of town, the family-like campus creates a “peaceful environment and develops peaceful minds” which helps build success for students.


Winning Capsim Team 2011

Religion is also important to Sheikh, “Any religion must be practiced or it doesn’t give benefit. If we want to achieve world peace, then everyone should practice their religion. The message is the same in all religions.”

Sheikh approaches each task at work as a challenge and applies many innovative ideas. He worked on a school board of education in California, at the United Nations, and at Unicef, and this has broadened his vision and added valuable skills. Sheikh is currently employed as a staff accountant for the Maharishi Foundation in Fairfield, Iowa.