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Amy and Troy Van Beek report that Ideal Energy Inc., a solar energy business they co-own in Fairfield, is currently working on both small- and large-scale projects that service communities in the Midwest and nationally. The work they have already accomplished has made Fairfield the city with the highest number of solar energy installations per capita in Iowa. You can see photos of their installations at Ideal Energy’s website

Amy and Troy

Troy spent 12 years as a Navy SEAL and paramilitary specialist before coming to MIU to study Sustainability. He graduated with a BS in Sustainability in 2009. Amy has established herself as one of the top green building experts in the Midwest, and among other projects, contributed to developing the Abundance Eco-Village in Fairfield, which sources its energy totally off the grid. She gradauted with a BFA from MIU in 2004. See more about Troy and Amy at our alumni profiles.

Amy and Troy are happy to have 13 full-time employees at this time, which include MIU alumni and previous employees, who work as electricians, engineers, installers, designers, and in sales. The Ideal Energy employee roster grows during the summer construction months.

Amy has contributed her many skills to Ideal Energy, Inc., including running the business and leading design campaigns. Recently she’s been focusing on graphics, and has created 90% of their marketing outreach, including brochures and their website, which, Troy points out, gets rave reviews.

Troy heads up the technical side of the business and manages the staff. He puts a lot of attention on talking to new clients and opening new markets.

Amy explained that, “Ideal Energy is committed to providing solutions to pressing issues of carbon emissions, and to offering cleaner and less expensive energy. We are passionate about what we are doing.”

Troy added, “We got into this business idealistically, but this business also makes investors money—it’s actually outperforming typical Wall Street investments.”

Ruthie Hutchings is a contributor the the MUM blogs. She did graduate work in English Literature at Emory University, holds an MA in Professional Writing from Maharishi University, and also does writing and editing for websites, magazines, books, and instructional materials.