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Faculty member Robert Schneider, MD, FACC, traveled to India last month as a guest of the Indian government to deliver an invited address at the World Ayurveda Congress.

Dr. Schneider

While there, Dr. Schneider met with Shripad Naik, the newly appointed minister of the Indian government’s Ministry for Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy (AYUSH), and with other high-ranking officials to build collaborations with MIU.

Dr. Schneider, dean of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health, participated in a presentation to the Congress by the new prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, in which Mr. Modi expressed his plan to revive the traditional systems of medicine of India and emphasized a scientific approach to traditional medicine.
One of the early initiatives of Prime Minister Modi was to elevate AYUSH from a department to a ministry within the central government.

“He comes across as a very practical person, and also a man who appreciates and practices Vedic knowledge and technologies,” Dr. Schneider said. “He bridges East and West, and his government ministers share that view.”

Dr. Schneider said that Prime Minister Modi expressed concern about the health of his citizens because with modernization in India, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death. Modern medical treatment is expensive and not accessible in much of the country, and he feels that traditional systems must be revived to solve these problems.

In his meeting with Mr. Naik, Minister of AYUSH, in his home office, Dr. Schneider discussed potential collaborations between the Indian government’s AYUSH and the University’s Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention, including a chair of Ayurveda, and education and research on Ayurveda and Yoga.

Other high-level officials Dr. Schneider met with included the director general of the council within AYUSH that focuses on research on Ayurveda, as well as with the secretary of AYUSH.

In his plenary address and in his meeting with Minister Naik, Dr. Schneider spoke about Vedic psychiatry, a new area of the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health(SM) he is developing that supports the central role of mental health in all of health and well-being.

Vedic psychiatry is based on principles of Maharishi AyurVeda(SM) and complements the Transcendental Meditation® technique and the physiological and environmental approaches of Maharishi AyurVeda.

Also presenting at the World Ayurveda Congress on insights from Maharishi AyurVeda was Vaidya Dinesh Gyawali, an MIU faculty member and student in the PhD in physiology.

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