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Jyoti Raj Adhikari has always been an outstanding student. Born in Nepal, he studied accounting at JSS College, Dharwad, India, earning a bachelor of commerce degree with distinction, and was named Outstanding Student of the year. In 2014, he graduated from MIU’s Accounting Professionals MBA Program receiving the Outstanding Student Award.

After graduating from JSS College, Jyoti became a chartered accountant working in India and Nepal, and served as chief operating officer of Nepal’s second largest government financial institution. Although he was a highly trained accountant, he realized that he needed to improve his management and leadership skills in order to successfully perform his job.

Jyoti and his wife, who is also an accountant, had just learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique in Nepal and they were excited to discover that at MIU they could pursue the education they needed and be supported in their practice of the TM® technique.


“This is an MBA for professionals with all practical knowledge,” said Jyoti. “We have simulations, presentations, discussions, quizzes, and projects to do, so its pretty interesting.” Along with his MBA, Jyoti earned a postgraduate certification in lean accounting. Simultaneously, he studied for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and passed the test in 2012. He is currently working at a Fairfield accounting firm.

In his free time, Jyoti honed his public speaking and leadership skills at Toastmasters and volunteered for several officer roles. In addition, he created a website about Nepal and started doing philanthropic work to help Nepali high school children with their education.


“Jyoti is an outstanding example of an accounting professional with solid skills who comes to America, enrolls in a skill-focused MBA at Maharishi International University, and rises to a high level of competency due to his commitment to both passing the CPA exam and improving his technical skills,” said Dr. Andrew Bargerstock, director of the Accounting Professionals MBA. ”I am very pleased to see his accomplishments.”

First published in Achievements magazine, June 22, 2014.